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Family Medicine Oupatient

Residents spend a total of six months on our family medicine inpatient service over the course of three IMG 9999years. This service combines excellent teaching and responsibility for patient management with an opportunity to observe the scope and role-modeling of a practicing family physician.  During each of the three years, residents have a rich exposure to patients on the family medicine rotations. Below are descriptions of typical outpatient rotation for each resident class. 


G1 G2 G3 
The G1 rotation provides a four-week period of time to become familiar with all phases of ambulatory medicine. The residents are closely supervised via observation and videotaping. Doctor-patient interpersonal skills are taught and reinforced by direct observations and didactic presentations. The residents learn how good communications, interviewing and patient education skills directly relate to quality care and patient satisfaction. In addition to the experience in Thomas Hart Practice, the resident also spends time at the City Public Health Department. Learning about community resources, teaching in-office laboratory methods and family systems are also included in this rotation. This is a call-free month for the intern. Building on skills developed during the G1 experience, the family medicine rotation in the second year advances the resident further along the path to becoming a competent and confident physician. The resident sees an increased number of patients in the family practice. Consultations and direct observations occur on a regular basis with the precepting family physician. Outpatient experiences in ENT and urology are also included in this rotation. In addition, residents spend time weekly performing colposcopy in a one-on-one teaching session. The G3 family medicine rotation, is an intensive, six-week experience in the FPC. Daily involvement in the family physician's office allows for continuity of care for selected patient problems. It also allows for involvement in practice management, an area of great interest to the third year resident. Precepting opportunities, coding, and additional gynecology experience are also available.


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