WellSpan Medical Education
3rd yr send off 2020

Behavioral and Mental Health

In the G2 rotation, the curriculum consists of evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients on the hospital's psychiatric consult service. An excellent elective in adolescent psychiatry is available. The psychiatry and human behavior curriculum includes didactic and clinical sessions. Didactic conferences are given bimonthly covering common psychiatric disorders and psychosocial emergencies including alcohol and substance abuse. Practical methods of office psychotherapy are stressed in the family practice center. The psychiatric teaching coordinator meets with residents weekly to conduct a patient interviews and psychiatric assessments. 

Practicing self-care ensures that you can fully participate in your education and offer the best of yourself to patients. As part of the Quality Improvement curriculum, first-year residents are required to complete a personal improvement project (PIP) under the guidance of our behavioral science faculty. This project can be crafted to serve as a personal wellness exercise (for example, adopting a daily meditation practice) so that residents are actively engaged in self-care while meeting this educational objective. 

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