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Welcome to the WellSpan York Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Website! Please explore our website and begin to get to know us. While a website cannot replace an actual visit, it may give you some idea as to what our residents are like, and what we value as a program.

The goal of our residency program is to produce superior Internists. Whether your career goals are outpatient medicine, hospital medicine, or fellowship training, we feel that we provide an outstanding environment in which to train. WellSpan York Hospital is a busy community hospital with 550 beds and a full range of services. Many of the attending staff that our residents interact with on a daily basis are in York at least partly for the collegiality of training residents. The full-time faculty are all here because they love to teach.

Our residency program is very clinically-oriented. Residents will get many opportunities to directly care for patients in a variety of settings. The small number of full-time faculty ensures that you will be a colleague rather than just another face in the crowd. In addition, all of the primary patient-care rotations (that is, the floor and ICU months) are run on teams where one intern works with one upper level resident and one faculty member for the block, and all of the patients are admitted under this one attending physician. This helps focus the learning opportunities as you will not be spending your day hunting down attending physicians to go over your patients.

I feel that we have many excellent attributes as an Internal Medicine Residency Program, but I feel that our best feature is our residents and in particular how they work together as a group and with the faculty. Many of the changes that we have made to the residency program over the past decade have been a collaborative process involving our residents. One thing that we are looking for in applicants to our program is people who want to contribute to the ongoing design and implementation of new programs to make our program even better.

Please explore our website. You will find overviews for many aspects of our program as well as contact information. Enjoy!

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