WellSpan Medical Education

Highlighting Our Faculty & Residents

Award PhotoCongratulations to David Gregory, MD, the sole recipient/winner of the 2019 EMRA Clinical Excellence Award.  David was recognized nationally for leading a performance improvement project (Team Based Rescuscitation in Cardiac Arrest Patients). 

Congratulations to our 2020 graduation award winners:
Nurses' Choice Award-Alexandra Pizarro, DO
atherine Zelko Role Model Award-Natasha Tobarran, DO
Noelle Rotondo (Commitment to Attaining Clinical Excellence) Award-Whitney DeBarge, DO
Scholarly Activity Recognition-Jessica Fozard, DO
Resident Educator-Alexandra Pizarro, DO
Medical Students' Choice Award-David Gregory, MD

EKG awards
EM-1: Joe Odierno, DO
EM-2: Gayatri Patel, DO
EM-3: Avery Michienzi, DO

Resident of the year awards
EM-1: Brian Holsinger, MD
EM-2: Lynn McGowan, DO
EM-3 Michael A. Kleinman "Clinician of the Year" Award-Alexandra Pizarro, DO

Ultrasound awards
EM-1: Matthew Mass, DO
EM-2: Lynn McGowan, DO
EM-3: Jessica Fozard, DO

In-training exam awards
EM-1: Matthew Mass, DO
EM-2: Mark McNaughton, DO
EM-3: Jessica Fozard, DO
Overall: Mark McNaughton, DO

Wilderness Medicine awards
Vi Luong, MD
Seth Gerard, MD


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