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Highlighting Our Faculty

Our faculty members are an energetic and talented group.  Dedication to the residency program and to the education of our residents is evident in this cohesive and committed group.  Over the last year, our faculty have lectured regionally and nationally, been actively involved in research and publication, served as leaders in organized emergency medicine, and have been involved in hospital leadership and educational innovation. 

For more information, please check out our Annual Report!

Visiting Professors and Guest Speakers

We are fortunate to be able to attract outstanding speakers in all areas of Emergency Medicine.  Our residents, students, and faculty routinely attend educational conferences by renowned speakers from all over the country. Over the last few years, we have hosted Jesse Pines, MD,; Larry Weiss, MD, JD, FAAEM, (Past President of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM)); Tom Scaletta, MD, FAAEM, (Past President of AAEM); Jill Baren, MD, (Past President of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)); Angela Gardner, MD, FACEP, (Past President of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)); Sandra Schneider, MD, FACEP, (Past President of ACEP); David Seaberg, MD, (Past President of ACEP and Dean, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga); and Debra Perina, MD, (Past President of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM)) as guest speakers for our program. 

In addition, two special lectureships have been established which honor the memory of special members of our residency family.  The Catherine Zelko Memorial Lectures, in November of each year, honor Cathy Zelko, one of our program coordinators who died suddenly several years ago.  The Vickrey Memorial Lectures honor Fabien Vickrey, M.D., a 2001 graduate of our program and a Chief Resident, who died following complications from ALS several years ago.  Associated awards for excellence in emergency medicine education have been established along with these lectureships.  In addition, the York Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program Award for Excellence in Emergency Ultrasound was established in 2009.  Below is a list of past award winners:

Vickrey Memorial Award for Excellence in Emergency Medicine Education

  • David Newman, MD (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, theNNT.com) - 2012
  • Benjamin Abella, MD (University of Pennsylvania) - 2011
  • Sandra Schneider, MD (University of Rochester/ACEP President) - 2010
  • J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS  (University of California-Irvine) - 2009
  • Sheryl Heron, MD  (Emory University) - 2008
  • John Burton, MD  (Albany Medical College) - 2007
  • Rob Rogers, MD (University of Maryland) - 2006
  • Joe Lex, MD  (Temple University) - 2005
  • Amal Mattu, MD  (University of Maryland) - 2004

Zelko Memorial Award for Excellence in Emergency Medicine Education

  • Scott Weingart, MD (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, EMCrit podcast) - 2012 
  • Peter Rosen, MD (Harvard University) - 2011
  • Jerome Hoffman, MD  (UCLA) - 2010
  • J. Ward Donovan, MD, FACMT (Penn State University/PinnacleHealth Toxicology Center) - 2009
  • Emanuel Rivers, MD  (Henry Ford Medical Center) - 2008
  • Stephen Adams, MD (Northwestern University) - 2007
  • Robert Fawcett, MD  (York Hospital) - 2006
  • Joe Lex, MD  (Temple University) - 2005
  • Gregory Henry, MD  (University of Michigan) - 2004

Cohen Honorary Award for Outstanding Contributions to Emergency Medicine Faculty Development

  • David Manthey, MD  (Wake Forest University) - 2008

WellSpan York Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program Excellence in Emergency Ultrasound Award

  • J. Christian Fox, MD, RDMS
  • Beatrice Hoffmann, MD, RDMS
  • Thompson Kehrl, MD
  • C. Heather Rumsey, MD

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