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Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service

A collaborative agreement has been made between the Albuquerque Indian Health Service and WellSpan York Hospital.  Zuni Pueblo is one of the oldest inhabited Native American Villages in the US, estimated to be 800-900 years old.  It is high desert, located 2 1/2 hours from Albuquerque.  The Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center is a Public Health Service hospital that provides care to the Zunis, Navajos, and others living in the surrounding area. THis rotation will provide you with an opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including outpatient clinics, the emergency room, walk-in clinics, inpatient, and obstetrics.  This is a 3-4 week rotation that can be scheduled based on availability at the health center.

Contact: Rebecca Bak MD MPH  at  Rebecca.Bak@ihs.gov




The Apam, Ghana trip has occurred annually since 2006 to a small fishing village in the gold coast of Africa. The trip started in Aldersgate Methodist Church, and Building Solid Foundations 501c was then established by Dr. Seth Quartey and his wife, Grace Quartey. This trip has very personal connections, as both are from Ghana. Members of the team work in Apam Catholic Hospital for medical and surgical clinic with nurses going out into the community for screening clinics. Most common surgeries are hysterectomy for fibroids, thyroidectomy for goiters and hernia repairs. It is a very busy surgery schedule with up to 200 cases per trip. All surgery cases are prescreened, and team members only see patients to be sure they are in agreement. The vast majority of the time is operating. The medical team cares for hypertensions, diabetes, asthma and many infectious diseases including malaria, which is endemic in the area, tetnus and typhoid. Water borne disease is still a major killer in the area. In addition to the health care team, there is a non-medical team. There has been a close connection between Rotary Club of York and Apam Rotary Club, and they are putting toilets in schools, as sanitation is a major health risk. This is an annual trip that occurs in September.

Contact: Seth Quartey, M.D. squartey@wellspan.org

The next Ghana trip is scheduled for November 9-23, 2019



This is a faith-based medical mission trip sponsored by Living Word Community Church (LWCC). The clinics are set up in remote villages outside of Guatemala City.  The medical camp is two days and provides primary care, dentistry and eye glasses. Since outreach is in a rural area, sleeping bags are required. The trip duration is a total of five days; departure is on a Thursday with return on a Monday. The trip occurs in February, August, and October.  A Church in Maryland sponsors an additional trip in May.  Team size is 18 to 24 medical and nonmedical members. Team members will work alongside Guatemalan doctors and translators of both Spanish and indigenous language. Spanish language skills are a plus.

Contacts for July, Oct, Feb trips: Edward Nelson, M.D. enelson@wellspan.org, Nancy Nagib, M.D. nnagib@wellspan.org, Cathy Carpenter, M.D. ccarpenter@wellspan.org

Contact for May trip: Christian Utara: Christian.Utara@jhu.edu.

Upcoming Trips: May 17-20, 2019; July 25-29, 2019; Oct 24-28, 2019; Feb 2020 TBD



Healthy Ninos Honduras focuses on the educational, health, and nutritional needs of Honduran children.  THis organization emerged from teh work of the MAMA Project, which began in 1987 as a partnership between women's groups in Pennsylvania and Honduras.  Healthy Ninos focuses on helping children with malnutrition and their families.  Child Survival Programs include the Nutrition Center, deworming programs, medical & construction brigades, & community education.  You can read more about their work at www.HealthyNinos.org                                      

Upcoming Trips:  please contact Dr.  Herman Sagastume at herman@healthyninos.org   


This is a faith-based medical mission trip sponsored by Living Word Community Church (LWCC). The trip duration is a total of 10 days. Team members will work alongside Ethiopian physicians. The main purpose of this short-term team is to conduct a major one-week medical clinic in Sendafa: everything from primary care and eye exams, to cataract surgeries, and minor operations. This team is composed of medical and non-medical members.

Contact: Edward Nelson, M.D. enelson@wellspan.org

Upcoming trip: July 5-15, 2019 (team filled)

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